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You’ve worked hard and invested for the future.
You’ve managed your risks, and your financial health is secure.

Are you taking the same thoughtful approach with your physical health?


Get well stay well be well

As with financial planning, small decisions you make now can yield significant benefits in
financial stability and quality of life in the future.

Let FlexHealth guide you there.

Health Coaching

Health Coaching: Health coaching helps you identify what's most important to you and where you want to invest in your health. Together, we identify and build on your strengths and past successes to help you achieve your goals and create lasting change. Health coaching is available throughout the United States.

Physical Therapy

Invested Physical Therapy: Invested Physical Therapy combines the power of health coaching with expert guidance and recommendations from a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy. We incorporate proactive activity planning and exercise prescriptions to help address current health/medical issues and mitigate health risks. Invested Physical Therapy is currently available in Oregon; please contact us for options if you live outside Oregon.